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This review paper contains the assemblage of various data for improving the mechanical and durability properties of concrete by partial replacement of cement by Silica Fume. Silica Fume is a by-product obtained from silicon alloy factories which may improve the mechanical and durability properties of concrete. Studies show that Silica Fume is non-hazardous and non-metallic material having extreme fineness and high silica content which is a very effective pozzolanic material tha t suits for concrete mix. The durability properties of concrete play an important role in defining the life time of concrete structures subjecting to various environments. The optimum replacement of Silica Fume in concrete is found by study on mechanical properties of concrete with various replacements. The study confirms the optimum replacement of Silica Fume in concrete as 10%. This paper also represents the durability tests on concrete such as acid resistance, sulphate attack, carbonation, water absorption, sorptivity and rapid chloride permeability test. These durability test results indicate the quality of concrete.

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S.K.Gowthame, B.Kiruthika Nandhini, B.Arjunkumar, S.Karvendhan, & T.Mariyappan. (2021). Study on durability properties of silica fume in concrete – A Review. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 7(2), 1827–1831. Retrieved from