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The sand requirement for construction activities increased proportionately but, all the materials required for producing concrete are obtained from the earth’s crust only. Hence, the natural resources are exploited in an extremely high manner and resulted in depletion of the same and creating environmental strain. The sugar and paper industries are generating a huge quantity of lime sludge as waste, this waste may create ecological problems because of its dumping in open places causing environmental pollution. A proper utilization of lime sludge from sugar industry is to be used in concrete. This experimental study is aimed to utilize such lime sludge as a partial replacement material for sand in concrete and to study the suitability of this waste material for sand replacement. M25 grade of concrete is taken for investigation. The sand is replaced by lime sludge of 0%, 10% and 20%. The concrete mix design is done as per IS 10262 -2009. The properties are studied including the workability characteristics of fresh concrete such as Slump, Compaction factor and strength properties of hardened concrete including Compressive strength, Split tensile strength and Flexural strength for various percentage of replacement of sand by lime sludge.

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K.Selvi, K.Nandhini, N.Gandhirajan, C.Karthik, & V.Tharun prasad. (2021). Experimental investigation on properties of concrete using lime sludge. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 7(2), 1810–1816. Retrieved from