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In recent years the great challenge in our country is to construct a low cost building. Decreasing the cost and increasing the strength is done by reinforcing the locally available fiber materials. The main objective of this study is   to   expose   the   importance   of   banana   fiber   as   reinforcement   in   brick masonry. By using the agricultural materials such   as   natural   fibers   will increase   the   mechanical properties   of brick. Nowadays engineers are attracted by fiber reinforced brick. The ultimate   theme   of   our paper is to review the scope of banana fiber  in soil reinforcement brick. Banana fibers are eco - friendly and   are low in   cost and   have high tensile   and   flexural strength. Local engineers use banana fiber reinforced composites because of   its low cost and   durability but on   sub structural building. Our motive is to spread awareness of banana fiber   as   a   construction   material   in   civil   engineering construction works. Compression test are done to find the strength of the material. It has been clearly noted that adding   fiber   will   slightly   increase   in   strength. The   flexural   strength   of   banana   fiber   reinforced bric increases when compared with ordinary conventional brick. From this project   we   have   finally concluded that banana fiber reinforced brick is more effective than normal brick.

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M.Ranjitham, A.Mohanraj, N.V.Manjunath, S.Dhivyabharathi, & A.Anandhaprabhu. (2021). Development of performance of soil cement brick using banana fiber. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 7(2), 1760–1766. Retrieved from