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The sandwich beams are used to reduce the self weight, deflection and shear which are being the major concerns in the case of conventional reinforced concrete beams subjected to loading. In this project work, sandwich beams that are cast by the inclusion of thermocol and weld mesh in the place of steel re ba rs that are used in reinforced concrete beams are to be used. The shear strength evaluation of reinforced concrete beams has been the subject of several studies devoted to determine the influence of the main parameters. Due to the small value of span-depth ratio, the strength of beams is usually controlled by shear strength rather than flexural strength when normal amounts of longitudinal reinforcement are used. In addition to studies on shear, the yield strength and ultimate capacity of sandwich beams subjected to bending is to be determined through experimental methods. The experimental works are conducted to understand the various modes of failure that could occur due to possible combination of shear and bending moment acting at a given section of a sandwich beam. Apart from highlighting the experimental set-up, typical crack patterns, failure modes, and load- deflection behaviour are to be reported.

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