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Crumb rubber is a term usually used for recycles rubber removed from truck scrap and automotive tires. In this process the fluff and steel are removed, and the rubber is made in granular consistency using a granulator or cracker mill or with the aid of cryogenics or mechanical means. From this chemical and physical interaction of the crumb rubber, Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen (CRMB) is made.

This asphalt rubber binder exhibits some disadvantages like high viscosity, segregation. Hence this is improved by using desulfurized rubber powder. The execution of desulfurized rubber powder with various rubber powder substance under different development time and shear conditions is assessed.

The practicality of modified asphalt bond quality test is finished with three distinctive pull out stubs. This test is done to test the loss of union and grip in asphalt bond quality because of dampness.

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