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ABSTRACT- Farming is the Prime Occupation in India in spite of this, today the people involved in farming belongs to the lower class and is in deep poverty. The Advanced techniques and the Automated machines which are leading the world to new heights, is been lagging when it is concerned to Farming, either the lack of awareness of the advanced facilities or the unavailability leads to the poverty in Farming. Even after all the hard work and the   production done by the farms, in today’s market the farmers are cheated by the Agents, leading to the poverty. Agro marketing would make all the things automatic which make easier serving as a best solution to all the problems.

E-farming will serve as a way for the farmers to sell their products across the country just with some basic knowledge about how to use the website. Getting availed to the required information  related to the markets and different  products can be made possible through the SMS facility provided by the system.

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Mrs.R.Logambal, S.Pavithra, N.Sathya, R.Shopika, & M.Swathika. (2021). E- Farming android application. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 7(1), 139–152. Retrieved from