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Current seismic design exercise assumes the base of the building to be fixed and does not take into account about the flexibility of base soil. This assumption is most effective when the structure is  founded on hard stratum or when the relative stiffness of the foundation soil is excessive in comparison to the superstructure. Whereas, in fact due to the capacity of the soil is to deform evidently, supporting soil medium modifies the response of the structure in the course of earthquake to a few notable quantities. This  aims to look at the impact of soil structure interaction during seismic activity, on RC multistory building especially observed on pile foundation. Two strategies of analysis are used for seismic evaluation in buildings such as Response Spectrum (RS) and Time History evaluation and a brief review of interaction effects is presented in this paper.

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B. Muthu Malini, & B. Soundara. (2021). Seismic response of RC-multistoryed building resting on pile foundation considering interaction effects – a review. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 7(2), 1611–1615. Retrieved from