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In this paper we will introduce the utilization of Quarry dust as a substitute for stream sand in mortar. It is acquired by squashing of rocks and the residue picked up from it is known as quarry dust. Quarry dust is utilized to diminish the expense for the creation of cement. Quarry dust have properties that were resolved are total smashing quality, soundness, retention, particular gravity. Compressive quality of cement with the supplanting of waterway sand with quarry dust were honed, and furthermore revealed for correlation purposes. It will give most extreme compressive quality up to the supplanting of sand with quarry residue of 0%.20%, 30% and40%. At that point its quality bit by bit diminishes when the substitution has been gotten half and past. Subsequently we can reason that the properties of the quarry dust which may go past the cut off will influences and makes negative effects the quality. The consequence of the examination likewise shows that the compressive quality can likewise be get by the substitution of waterway sand by quarry dust.

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S.DhivyaBharathi, M.Ranjitham, M.MadhanKumar, R.Monojkumar, & Nithish Kumar. (2021). A study on partial replacement of fine aggregate to quarry dust. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 7(2), 1604–1610. Retrieved from