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High voltage gain dc–dc converters are required in many industrial applications such as photovoltaic and fuel cell energy systems, high-intensity discharge lamp (HID), dc back-up energy systems, and electric vehicles. This paper presents a novel input-parallel output-series boost converter with dual coupled inductors and a voltage multiplier module. On the one hand, the primary windings of two coupled inductors are connected in parallel to share the input current and reduce the current ripple at the input. On the other hand, the proposed converter inherits the merits of Dual coupled series-connected output capacitors for high voltage gain, low output voltage ripple, and low switch voltage stress. Moreover, the secondary sides of two coupled inductors are connected in series to a regenerative capacitor by a diode for extending the voltage gain and balancing the primaryparallel currents. In addition we implemented Fuzzy control to stabilize the output voltage for any fluctuating input voltage. And SPWM technique to reduce power loss

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Pratheeba.C, Dhivya.P, Jeevitha.A, Loganayaki.A, & Maragathasree.P. (2017). High gain DC-DC converter with dual coupled inductor using microcontroller . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 5(2), 1174–1179. Retrieved from