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—A sign language to voice interpreter which recognize the hand behavior through the leapmotion controller. Proposed system used Artificial Neural Network (ANN) algorithm with Back Propagation (BP) algorithm to construct a classification model which takes feature as input.In this system, the input hand behavior is performed by verbally challenged persons and is then converted into natural audio. The various set of the hand behaviors can be converted into complete sentence and grammatically corrected using NLTK Library. In the next step mapping is done with the pre-recorded audio file which is stored in MP3 module and then the audio output which comprised of natural sentence is interpreted through Galileo board and the sequence of sentence is received as audio output.

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Saritha.S, Kesavan.S.P, Dhepak.S, Geetha Bharathi.S.B, Madhumathi.M, & Aravind. B. (2017). Sign language to voice interpreter by feature extraction using leapmotion controller . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 5(2), 1325–1328. Retrieved from