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-This work investigates the thermal performance of a thermal battery used in the domestic refrigerator as a sub cooler. A Thermal Energy battery is physical structure used for the purpose of storing and releasing thermal energy. In order to run the compressor without cut-off, the charging mode is used. In the charging mode, refrigeration effect is stored in the thermal battery. In the discharging mode, the refrigeration effect is used to sub cool the refrigerant after the condensation. This study also examines the thermal performance of the sub-cooled ice storage air conditioner under different cooling loads. In the ordinary refrigerator, when the required temperature is attained, the compressor is cut-off and vice versa. During the starting of the compressor the torque needed is high, so the power consumption is high. By using this thermal battery, the compressor need nor to be cut-off and hence the power consumption is also reduced. The system will give more cooling capacity and higher COP by the contribution of the thermal battery used as a sub cooler.

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A.D.Latha, R. Kavinkumar, A.Meezan, R.Naveenkumar, & B. Raghuram. (2017). Efficiency improvement in refrigeration system using sub-cooler . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 5(2), 1806–1810. Retrieved from