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Solid desiccant cooling (SDC) system is an alternative air conditioning system. Desiccant plays a vital role in overall performance of the whole system particularly in dehumidification and regeneration capacity. By this review we recapitulate that novel solid desiccant materials like zeolites, silica can be adopted in the SDC system. In order to resolve environmental and economic issues with the present space cooling system, the implementation of the SDC system will be the better answer to the problem. The Aim of the proposed system is to develop drying technology reduce the moisture content in air provider cooling in space and produce a good quality cold air. Zeolites are used as moisture adsorbents. When this system is build up we can achieve EEE i.e. Environmental friendly, good Energy efficiency low power consumption and more Economic cooling system. This system is used for industrial prevention fungus control and reduces many health affects like asthma.

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K. Ganesan, M. Hariharan, R.Dinesh kumar, V. Tony, & S.S. Dhamotharan. (2017). Fabrication of Desiccant Assisted Cooling system . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 5(2), 1762–1765. Retrieved from