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Lubrication is essential in increasing a mechanical device’s service duration and minimizing wear. Though synthetic and petrol-based oils are generally used in lubricants today, natural oils which are pollution-free, biologically decomposable, and whose waste does not give harm to the environment have also begun to be used as lubricants recently thanks to an increasing awareness of the environment. So, this study is investigated on wear performance of bio based oil. In this research bio based lubricant oil are compared with mineral lubricant oil of SAE20W40. Wear study involved with experiment of PIN ON DISC test apparatus at different speed of 150r.p.m, 300r.p.m, 450r.p.m, 600r.p.m and different load of 50N. Then the surface changes are inspected using optical microscope.

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.Manikandan, G.Magalingam, D.Murugavelan, R.Nirmal Kumar, & T.Raghul. (2017). Lubrication properties of bio based oils compared with mineral oil and determining the effect of wear . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 5(2), 1701–1705. Retrieved from