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Routing is the process of selecting the best path in the network. Here it is focused on routing layer in order to increase the performance of the system. An Energy Aware Clustered algorithm based Routing is introduced which forms several clusters, finds energy aware node-disjoint multiple routes from a source to destination and increases the network life time by using optimal routes. Clustering is an important research area in mobile networks because it improves the performance of flexibility and scalability when network size is huge with high mobility. All mobile nodes operate on battery power hence the power consumption becomes an important issue in Mobile Network. Through the simulation with an enhanced version of NS-2 simulator Energy Aware Clustered algorithm shows the improvement in throughput, Energy Consumption and delay when compared to other algorithms.

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T.Pavithra, & S.Karthik. (2015). EFFICIENT ENERGY AWARE CLUSTER AND LOADBALANCING IN MOBILE ADHOC NETWORKS . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 3(3), 325–333. Retrieved from