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Work life balance among police is often viewed as an unlucky, but expected part of police work. Police are like a real heroes, but most of people are unaware the amount of stress that police face every day. Police work involves protection of life, safeguarding property through vital patrol techniques, enforcement of laws and ordinances in the place for which the Police station is responsible. Police who are out in the street, every day during their duty are struggle police. They are the first’s line of protection between the criminals and the society. During their duty, unexpectedly they may encounter situations involving major crisis without any warning. There are several factors like 24 hours availability, administration problem were involved and make police as a most stressful job. This study basically deals with Tamil Nadu police department and the Tamil Nadu has a Police population ratio of 1: 632.

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.B.Girimurugan, T.Ajithkumar, & B.Mathumithra. (2019). An empirical study on work life balance of police officials with special reference to Erode District. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 7(1), 635–637. Retrieved from