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This project report includes Meaning and Definition of recruitment of Selection. Need and purpose of Recruitment, Environment Process, Recruitment Tips. Sources of Recruitment through which an organization gets suitable application. Scientific Recruitment and Selection, which an organization should follow for, right manpower, job analysis, which gives an idea about the requirement of the job. Next is selection process, which includes steps of selection, types of test, types of interview, common Interview problems and their solutions. Approaches to selection scientific selection policy, selection in India and problems. The objective of the study is to help the organization to know the recruitment and selection process. The questionnaire was prepared and response was notes for 138 employees in IDBI Federal Life Insurance Company Limited. The data was tabulated and analysed using simple statistical tools.

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K.Nathiya, & R.Dharanya. (2019). An empirical study on a recruitment and selection policy in IDBI federal life insurance co., Ltd with special reference to Coimbatore . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 7(1), 556–561. Retrieved from