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The concept of “Women empowerment” has received much attention from researchers, government and captain so findustry. There are several meanings attached to the concept of women empowerment. This literature review explores the origin of the term women empowerment a sitis related to gender and equality. This literature review look sat four power perspectives that are used to explain the increa singneed for women empowermentto day. The related concept so power, agency, resources and achievement sareused to explain and describe the problems associated with women empower mentglobally. The theoretic alunderpinning soft his literature review are important for policy makers and government the world over. Finally, them odels that can be adopted to empowerwomen, socially, economically and politically are identified and explained.

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S.Muthuraja, & M.Muthukumar. (2019). An empirical study on increasing Women’s participation in economic activities with reference to Erode . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 7(1), 546–550. Retrieved from