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The Information Technology and Process Control together plays an important role in fourth Industrial Revolution “INDUSTRY 4.0”. The automation tools like PLC, PAC, SCADA, DCS etc., monitor and control any type of process and supports the Instrumentation Engineer in process industries. The persons in operator work station of DCS will normally monitor and attend the faults in process through the status of the alarms and Trends. In emergency condition, the DCS Engineer will alter the process condition through Engineering Interface console. The DCS Engineer in addition to monitoring the process through engineering interface have to attend the fault created at the site and as well as to attend the meeting with his higher officials. This project helps the DCS Engineer to monitor and control the process in case of emergency and his absence in the DCS control room. The emergency situation will be communicated to the DCS Engineer through his smart phone and makes him view the process and take appropriate actions through his mobile phone with the help of Cloud and GSM Technology.

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T.Maris Murugan, R.Kanmani, M.Sankara Gomathi, & R.Saraswathi. (2019). An assessment of IOT based monitoring and control of boiler . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 7(1), 1058–1062. Retrieved from