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In India people are facing various health problems which remains unnoticed for a long duration of time. Due to the patients negligence in the early stage health problems they are facing critical health issues as the days goes on. This intends to propose an online health monitoring system in order to avoid critical issues in patient health problems. Health monitoring systems are gaining their significance as the fast growing universal elderly population increases demands for care taking. In ICU there is needed for continuous monitoring of their health conditions. In so many cases patients discharged from hospital are strongly advised to be under rest and observation for a period of time. In these type of cases this system is very much helpful. This system is a real time intelligent model using multiple sensors on a single system using wireless technology. The system can measure and present the real time activity of the patient without the on-site medical assistance. Literature survey indicates that in the hospitals, the main problem leading to increase in the death rate is due to unavailability of doctor or the staff nurse when required. To resolve this issue, this system has been introduced. We have to set the threshold value to each monitoring parameters in the system. When it exceeds the threshold level it sends an alarm notification to the prescribed doctor mobile application through server. If doctor doesn’t respond to the alert message within 5 to 10 seconds, then the doctor will receive an alarm. When doctor is not near the patient, doctor will forward the notification to the duty nurse with prescription and remedial action to attend the patient.

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G.Revathy, G.Pradeep, V.Rajarajeshwaran, & J.Venkatesh. (2019). Measuring and monitoring of physiological parameters in patients . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 7(1), 1052–1057. Retrieved from