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Transducer is an device that convert one form of energy into an other form of energy. In Embedded system designs, these transducers plays key role about control the applications. Analog quantities are converts into binary form and then make digitized. Similarly digital data processed to make analog output. The two methods use 8051 microcontrollers for control applications separately. Now a new design is proposed that a single microcontroller is interfaced to both ADC & DAC at an instance. It is helpful to many mechanical control applications like refrigeration and air-conditioning. As an example working model for air conditioner is explained.

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Suresh Palaka, N Ravindar, & T Divya. (2018). Design dual converter interfaced microcontroller application 1Mr. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 6(4), 2619–2625. Retrieved from