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The main objective behind undertaking the project “Analysis of Brake Drum Rotor” is to study and evaluate the performance of Brake Drum under severe braking conditions and thereby assisting in Brake Drum rotor design and analysis. ANSYS 11.0 is a dedicated general purpose Finite Element package used for determining the temperature, stress and strains. ANSYS11.0 is a flexible and cost effective tool. ANSYS11.0 is used in industries in order to solve several mechanical problems. In this project, an Axis-Symmetric Brake Drum rotor is considered for analysis. Flange width of 8mm, 10mm and 12mm made of Cast Iron, Aluminum and Aluminum composite are considered. A Coupled Field Analysis (Transient Thermal Analysis and Structural Analysis) is performed to obtain the Temperature Distribution and Von Mises Stress. After the Coupled field analysis is Performed, a graph is plotted between the distance and temperature. An attempt is Made to suggest the best combination of material and flange Width for Brake Drum rotor, which yields a low temperature variation across the rotor disc and minimum von mises stress possible.

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G.Suresh, P.Vijayanand, & R.Jothi Murugan. (2018). Performance analysis of drum brake using finite element method . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 6(4), 2606–2609. Retrieved from