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Dynamic analysis of damages in materials is a difficult task and it is currently not known what important different possible mechanisms carry in the materials. It is to a large extent due to the difficulty of measuring the dynamic behavior of cracks, debones and delamination’s inside the material, there should exists a need to simulate the action of different mechanisms in order to understand the basic physics and possibly identifying the signatures of measured vibration and acoustic signals. In this work we study vibrational responses from a specimen which has different types of non-linearity’s like fractures in it at different locations and understand various factors concerned with fracture location, fracture behavior and so on.

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K.Ganesh, Mallesh Jakanur, & Pedamuthevi Vijayanand. (2018). Dynamic analysis of cracks in composite materials . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 6(4), 2587–2591. Retrieved from