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This abstract studied the application of piezoelectric actuators for fixed form controlling of combination plate. Electro-mechanically coupled mathematical model is used for the analysis. The main part of this piece of writing focuses on the fixed shape control. It has been defined here as the shape controlling parameters, as well as actuation voltage and actuator orientation configuration, such that the structure that is activated. Exploitation of these parameters will decide as secure as probable to the preferred shape. A fixed aspect of design for shape control analysis of piezoelectric plastic-coated combination plate by using Ansys is described in this thesis. In the plasticcoated compound plate piezoelectric actuators and sensors are designed as supplementary layers either externally or entrenched. A definite component of software Ansys can be exploited to model and was successfully validated with experimental and numerical results that are readily available in the literatures. The present examination illustrates that the appliance of proper voltage to piezoelectric actuator, preferred form of the combined plate can be obtained.

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Sangamesh B Herakal, & Rohan Ishwar. (2018). Optimal location and effect of increasing number of piezoelectric layer . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 6(4), 2561–2569. Retrieved from