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World at giving is genuinely stood up to the twin emergencies of petroleum product consumption and natural degradation. The fossil fuels play a significant role in agriculture, industry, and transport other than meeting out numerous other essential human needs. As the stock of petroleum fuel is decreasing, the search for unconventional fuels received more significant attention. However, petroleum fuels are limited in quantity and are reducing day by day as the intake is increasing very promptly. Caulerpa Racemosa algae can be used to produce biodiesel, because of high oil content. The trans-esterification of oil develops biodiesel. In the present study, the zirconium oxide nano additives into the oil-based methyl ester blend and its diesel blends are analyzed the emission characteristic at different load.

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V.Mahesh Reddy, M. Leela Ramesh, & K E Vinay Kumar. (2021). Emission analysis from marine engine using biofuel with ZrO2 nano additives. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 7(4), 3312–3317. Retrieved from