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Previously an isolated single sourced multi-output dc/dc converter with a high-frequency link was used feeddifferentcellsoftheAsymmetricalCascadedH-bridge(ACHB) inverter. The major disadvantages of the ACHB are that the main H-bridge is commutated with fundamental frequency, passing the majority of the inverter so that noise and high cost problems arises. To overcome this, a diode clamped inverter switching strategy is used and it is based on programmable pluses, transformer circuit is not used anywhere in this project. So this project is done by minimized cost and used any ACapplications.

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T.Elayappan, & Dr. R.Devarajan. (2021). Design of single PV source asymmetrical diode clamped multilevel inverter. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 7(4), 3289–3296. Retrieved from