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The main idea of this project is used to maintain the College Event information and organize the event and to send the Student Registration time to the student. Student can register to the events available in the portal. He/she can subscribe to the event . Then it will go for approval to staff. Once the staff approved the request. Then student will be notified with approved status. Instead of raising the request manually and waiting for the hours to contact the staff , its easy to send the information to staff and staff at their free time they will approve the request. This tool is very helpful to make the events approval easier. The are 3 persons involved in this project. One is admin, then staff and student. Admin has access to add the staff and student along with the events. Staff has to approve for the request created by the student for attending the events. Student will play a role to raise the request to submit an event for approval.  The tools constitutes and done in with The back end tool constitutes OLED database and developed on windows environment which is platform independent.

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