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This paper provides deep diving of emerging challenges with respect to the Techno Tourism in India. Challenges are the inevitable mantra in every one’s pathway, as such Tourism industry is also facing challenges in changing business environment for next generation. Introduction of Social Media and Mobile applications has changed face of normal Tourism into Techno Tourism, which is one of the influencing factors in decision-making.

Challenges in usage of Social Media and Mobile Applications often affect not only individual, but also enterprises, which uses the same to serve the end users. Finding answers for these challenges may extend to next generation, but present challenges can be addressed with help of Strong focus on upgradation of Technology to serve next generation. Thus, this paper will give    brief ideas on challenges prevailing in Techno Tourism on usage of social media and mobile applications by the users in their tour plans for decision making for next generation. This paper will give us insights on Emerging trends in techno tourism, Key factors which drives Techno Tourism and its challenges prevailing in Indian Industry.

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R.Balaji Kumar, & DR R B Ayeswarya. (2021). A study on challenges in techno tourism management for next generation. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 7(4), 3258–3261. Retrieved from