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The era of mobile technology opens the windows to the android application. The websites are vanishing and the mobile phones applications are emerging it. It’s the time to change from conventional websites to apps. The “QRCPM app” is an android application developed in the android platform for maintain the car parking billing system into automated. This project QRCPM is mainly used to automate the underground parking billing system by using online mode to pay. It will reduce the time consumptions and paper work. Although various methods for car parking system are exist, they can serve only a few users because it is difficult for waiting to pay a bill at a time. So the aim of this study is to provide dynamic solutions by introducing the concept of QR code billing system as much as required. These systems run on mobile platform and provide a details of parking sites. By using this application we can easily get details about the customers. We can able to calculate the amount by using application without using any human work. Handler can only use this application so by using this we can easily passing the information forms one end to another end. So time consumption will reduced to the users.

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Vasuki.C, Hemalatha.T, Nandhini.D, & Priyadharshini.R. (2021). QRCPM (QR code car parking management). International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 7(1), 1144–1146. Retrieved from