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Today’s Vegetable Supply and transplantation systems pose different requirements and challenges in terms of registration, donor-recipient matching, Vegetable removal, Vegetable delivery, and transplantation with legal, clinical, ethical, and technical constraints. Therefore, an end-to-end Vegetable Supply and transplantation system is required to guarantee a fair and efficient process to enhance patient experience and trust. In this paper, we propose a private sha256 blockchain-based solution to enable Vegetable Supply and transplantation Buyerin a manner that is fully decentralized, secure, traceable, auditable, private, and trustworthy. We develop smart contracts and present six algorithms along with their implementation, testing, and validation details. We evaluate the performance of the proposed solution by performing privacy, security, and confidentiality analyses as well as comparing our solution with the existing solutions.

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S. Arivarasan, D. Nithish, P. Rahul, K. Senthurvel, & R. Venu Aravind. (2024). Vegetable supply chain using smart contracts. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 12(2), 28–37. Retrieved from