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Every day, the discard waste plastics and types of mineral filler like cement, quartz powder, stone dust, marble waste etc., are dumped in the earth surface. It may cause environmental pollution. Nowadays, many engineers and industrialist are investigating the possibilities of waste plastics and mineral waste in flexible pavement. An attempt has been made to use the plastic as aggregate coating in order to increase road performance and durability. Plastic wastes like low density polythene, polypropylene, polythene, Terephthalate are used. These waste plastics are cut into small pieces. Aggregate are heated to a certain temperature and the spread over the heated aggregate. Due to heating this plastic gets softened and forms a coating as layer over these aggregate. The result indicates that the 10% of plastic coated aggregate doesn’t disqualify the material and no negative influence on the quality asphalt mixture. The durability of the asphalt pavement is related to the appropriate proposing of mineral materials. 

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S. Senthilkumar, S. Elango, R. Karunakaran, & M. Sathishkumar. (2023). A Beeline For Making Flexible Pavements By Means Of Discarded Plastic And Ferriginious Quartz Stone Powder. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 11(2), 59–74. Retrieved from