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The disposal of Waste plastic is a menace and becomes a serious problems globally due to the non-biodegradability and unaesthetic view. Since these are not disposed scientifically and possibility to create ground and water pollution. In the present paper, developed techniques to use plastic waste for construction purpose of flexible pavements and deals with investigations of use of waste plastics for coating of aggregate in bituminous mix has reviewed. Plastic wastes consists of Polyethylene, polypropylene plastics can be used as a coating over aggregates and this coated stone can be used for road construction. This mix polymer coated aggregate have show higher strength, Plastics are user friendly but not eco-friendly as they are non-biodegradable. Generally, it is disposed by way of land filling or incineration of materials which are hazardous. Softening vary between 110°c to 140°c and they donot produce any toxic gases during heating but softened plastics have tendency to form a film like structure over aggregates, when it is sprayed over the hot aggregate at 160°c. Plastic coated aggregates (PCA) is a better raw material for construction of the flexible pavements. PCA mixed with hot bitumen of different types and mixes used for road construction. The bitumen is heated and mixed with the egg shell powder as a filler materialupto 20% in the bituminous mix. Plastic roads would be a boon for India’s hot and extremely humid climate. In this paper, we have done a thorough study on the methodology of using waste plastic and the egg shell powder in bituminous mixes and presented the tests to be performed.


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B. Suresh, & L. Gokul. (2022). Performance of flexible pavement by using plastic waste and egg shell powder. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 10(4), 284–288. Retrieved from