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The Characteristics of the Coconut Shell Crete was assured from the parameters such as heat and sound insulations. At the Heat insulation, the well effects of different Coconut Shell slab material was cooled indoor air and it is very suitable for Animal shed which is our required farm structures Temperature will be measured 150mm from the above floor level on the top of any type of floor, then it is compared with our innovative floors. Quality considered in five forms such as strength, workability, durability, computability and thermal capability. Surfactants used as a Foaming agent, it will be effectively used to attain quality products for efficient working aerated achieved with Ca (OH)2 with aluminum powder. To improve thermal comfort in our animal dwellings life as well as Silo implementations, we will follow Coconut Shell Crete flooring and roofing. Quality Life Scale from 0 top 7 will be used in this research. To achieve healthy environment in animal life, especially Cow, we will ensure safety and security life of floating concrete slabs which can lay on ground without any anchoring. At various economical situations, we can make all our animal dwellings with Coconut Shell Crete.

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G. Tamilarasi, & M. Ponni. (2022). Comparison of Floating Coconut Shell Light Weight Aggregate Concrete and Various Light Weight Aggregate Concretes for construction of Prefabricated Farm Structures. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 10(4), 280–283. Retrieved from