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Organizations must handle and store huge data in the cloud due to the rising demand for it. Since the cloud cannot be completely trusted and anyone can access it, the data therein may be exposed. In this work, i provide a hierarchical attribute authorization structure for a safe cloud large data authentication system. Our suggested method makes use of a tree-based signature to significantly boost the security of attribute authorisation. To suit the needs of big data, i improve the suggested authentication system to allow for multiple levels in the hierarchical attribute permission structure. Security study shows that our protocol can withstand forgery and replay attacks. Additionally, our protocol can safeguard the entities' privacy. I can show that, as compared to earlier studies, our technique has lower computational and communication overhead.

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M. Kanaga, S. Jayanthi, & S. Sivagami. (2022). Secure Authentication In Cloud Big Data With Hierarchical Attribute Authorization Structure. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 10(3), 256–259. Retrieved from