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Traffics in Wireless Sensor Networks is a multi-hop network by transmitting data among themselves, which is composed of large number of nodes. The routing in wireless sensor networks is a process to select suitable path for the data to travel from source to destination. The data sensed by the sensor nodes in a wireless sensor network is typically forwarded to the base station that connects the sensor network with the other networks where the data is collected, analysed and action is taken accordingly. A developed routing protocol named as STOLSR is proposed. The STOLSR protocol cluster head election considers residual energy of nodes, distance from node to the base station and neighbor nodes, which makes cluster head election reasonable and node energy consumption balance.

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K.Niranjan, & Dr.D.Prasanna. (2022). Energy Efficient Mapping of Wireless Body Area Networks Using Secure Trust -Optimized link state routing (ST-OLSR) Protocol. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 10(3), 234–237. Retrieved from