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Global warming has lead to the large adoption of Electrical Vehicles (EV) which appear to the best replacement to IC engines. Due to increased number of EVs in the road, charging of the vehicles with conventional fossil fuel based grid is not economical and efficient. Thus, a renewable energy based charging stations finds immense potential and control for electric vehicle charging. An electric vehicle charging station integrating solar power and a Battery Energy Storage System is designed for the current scenario. For uninterrupted power in the charging station an additional grid support is also considered without becoming an extra burden to the grid. An efficient design of charging station with MPPT, PID and current control strategy is developed for the optimal power management between solar, BESS, grid with the EVs in the charging station.

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R.Asha, & Dr.S.Krishnan. (2022). Off grid charging system for electrical vehicle. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 10(3), 227–233. Retrieved from