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In this paper, a coal mine safety system is implemented using a Thinker Io platform as a medium to transmit the data. The system is implemented to monitor and control various parameters in the coal mines such as light detection, leakage of gas, temperature and humidity conditions, Fire detection in the coal mine. These all sensors are together considered as one unit and are placed in the coal mines. All the esteems of the sensors are continuously uploaded to the thinker for analysis. Here the gas is continuously monitored if any uncertainties in the level of gas arise, then buzzer is used to alert the workers. In this system LDR sensor is utilized to detect the presence of light. Automatically light gets one and can be controlled using the LED button. In case if any fire occurs in the coal mine, then an alert notification is sent to the mail of the authorized person. Temperature and humidity values are also continuously monitored and displayed on the serial monitor and also in the thinker platform. The developed system is mainly implemented to improve the working condition inside the coal mines and also to ensure workers safety

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S.JayaChitra1, S.Kavin, S.Sasi, & R.Sethupathi. (2022). IOT based coal mine workers safety monitoring and alerting system. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 10(2), 188–191. Retrieved from