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In developing countries, manholes are not monitored properly. These unsupervised manholes can prove themselves to be a threat to lives in various ways. This paper presents an intelligent automatic manhole monitoring system which detects harmful chemicals and toxic gases inside the manhole, absence of the lid of the manhole and generates an alarm to the passersby in that situation, alerts the authority about the system state. The system can improve overall quality of the surroundings. Hence, the concerned authorities can take proper measures to maintain the manhole. The system has been implemented in an academic environment to carry out the automated monitoring of a manhole to evaluate the proposed features.  The system consists of microcontroller ATmega8 which acts as the central unit that controls all the sensors and speaker. The system can detect the obstacles, water, potholes and sounds it via the speaker. By testing, the system can recognize obstacles such as pedestrians, trees, bricks and so on with the help of an infrared sensor.  The proper environments to use are also identified. The electronic kit will help the blind person by providing more convenient means of life. The main aim of this paper is to contribute our knowledge and services to the people of blind and disabled society

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M.M.Arun prasath, J.Aakash, I.Acksar Ahamath, K.Gokul, & S.Krishnan. (2022). IOT based manhole detection and monitoring system. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 10(2), 183–187. Retrieved from