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Since the start of COVID pandemic it is been suggested to wash your hands multiple numbers of times per day. But can we afford to waste such huge amount of water. The problems that would be created by wastage of water would create a greater problem than the pandemic itself. To help solve this system we here design a system that provides handwashing while consuming over 95% less water. Disinfecting our hands from time to time is a very important factor in fighting the pandemic. But does it require so much water to disinfect your hands. Additionally, many people end up over washing their hands (over 15- 20 seconds with full tap released). Disinfection just requires that water reaches every millimeter of your hand along with a disinfectant or soap and it should be just enough to kill any infection or help it slide out of your hand. When we turn on a tap only 10 – 30% water touches our skin and rest just flows over this first layer of water.

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V.Ravi, Hari Krishanan.M, Narayanan.M, Nitheshwaran.K, & Shibin Joswa.E. (2022). MULTIFUNCTION HAND DISPENSER WITH FOG AND TEMPERATURE SCANNER . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 10(2), 151–156. Retrieved from