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The employee could job hop for career growth, better pay and even for reasons which could be trivial as change of location. In the paramedical industry, the manpower is becoming thinner and scarce as there is less qualified manpower coming into the industry. This makes employee retention an absolute necessity in this industry. There are many factors that influence employer’s retention measures on job hoppers. The author felt that in such a situation there was a strong case for carrying out the present research to investigate the factors influencing the employer’s retention measures on job hoppers in paramedical fields. To carry out the research, exploratory research design was used. The stratified probability sampling technique has been used to collect primary data from the target respondents. The respondents for this study were hospital administrators working in Private hospitals, Coimbatore. The primary data had been collected from 80 respondents for this study. The analysis of the data was subjected to factor analysis using Principal Component analysis with Varimax Rotation method. This study is evident that the most important factors to retain job hoppers in private hospital paramedical employees are competitive payment and convenient workload, Career development training programmes and employee empowerment are the second important factors to be considered. The third factor which influence to retain the job hoppers are rewards and benefits from the hospitals.

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Ajith kumar. V.V, V.Rajeswari, & S. Porkodi. (2017). Employer’s retention measures on job hoppers among paramedical employees in private hospitals . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 5(2), 2030–2037. Retrieved from