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Wireless electricity theft detection system using ZIGBEE technology present an efficient and less costly way to adulterate the wireless technique used in this research paper. This wireless system is used to overcome the theft of electricity via bypassing the energy meter and hence it also controls the revenue losses and utility of the electricity authorized agency. There is always a contract between the consumer and the supplier that the consumer will pay for the electricity consumed by him. But in India near about 32 % of the electricity is consumed but not paid for it i.e. it is being stolen by the consumer hence the need of a system arises that would overcome this theft of electricity but mostly the electricity is being stolen via bypassing the energy meter hence this system recognizes such type of theft of electricity. Mainly this system consists of microcontroller, energy meter and a ZIGBEE module to check for the theft of electricity and then to send a message to the authorised agency which looks after the electricity consumed. The wireless technique used in this system provides the major advantages such as low power consumption and also the low cost of the ZIGBEE module. This system can also have the advantages that it can also be used to detect the theft of the gas, fuel and oil simply by changing the measurement meter used in this system and excellently the theft can be detected at tables by the authorised agencies.

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V.Ravichandran, A.Ananthraj, T.Sivakumar, S.Sivakarthik, & K.Vijay. (2017). Power theft identification using ZIGBEE based technology . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 5(2), 1241–1245. Retrieved from