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In real time, agricultures become as a part time work due to economics and environment effects. Ardunio yun provides easy control and maintenances the agricultures work as a part time. Farmer can control and maintained their farmland through ardunio yun. It provides to monitor sensor values into related user IP address and control the relay with respect to user. Ardunio can collect farmland video for preview monitoring to farmer. It provides to reduced the time and cost for farmland. like as a soil moisture, temperatures sensor, light intensity, air temperatures and tank water level. ardunio provides also control motor and light through relay connection. This action provides to avoid the number of labour for agricultures work and make the agriculture work as reliable. This embedded system provides higher reliable WiFi network. WiFi router increased distances of the EMAIL : network. There will be IP camera which is digital type that provides wireless
transmission of video signal. Broad chip is used

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