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This paper presents a technique to spot installation harmonics in period of time mistreatment signals obtained from grid connected power electronic converters. The projected harmonics estimation has potential applications in distributed energy systems; the theoretical and experimental analysis of the changed SEPIC device is given during this paper. The projected device operates in DCM. Because the device operates in DCM it acts as a voltage follower id est. the input current follows the input voltage. The voltage across the switch is reduced. Furthermore a digital management technique is employed to scale back the third harmonic input current distortion. Finally, 100W power issue correction circuit was developed with associate operational potency of ninety eight. Index Terms- Potential electrical device, Current electrical device, SEPIC module. liquid crystal display show, ATMEGA-8, Protius 8, AVR studio.

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Ajith.G, Dinesh Chandar.G, Gobinath.T, Manoj Prabahar .M, & Prabhakaran.S. (2017). Harmonic reduction in converter by using selective harmonic elimination technique . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 5(2), 1144–1450. Retrieved from