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This paper proposes style of 3 part induction control mistreatment single part input and GSM. it's wireless speed management technique that is GSM based mostly. Wireless technique proves to be economical and reliable power is enhanced. In constant V/Hz methodology, it's necessary to keep up a relation between magnitude and frequency of the voltage applied to machine of a motor. This helps to keep up associate more or less constant level of magnitude of field within the mechanical device throughout operational vary. Thus, it's potential to keep up capability of manufacturing most constant torsion. switch power convertor provides energy to a motor. This energy is controlled by Pulse breadth Modulated, a symbol by applying it to the gates of the facility transistors. PWM signals square measure generated pulses with mounted frequency, magnitude and variable pulse breadth. activate and turns off intervals the junction transistor| electronic transistor |semiconductor device |semiconductor unit |semiconductor} occur once a PWM signal is applied to gate of an influence transistor.

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B.Guga priya, & S.Menakambal. (2017). Embedded system based single phase to three phase Converter . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 5(2), 1107–1110. Retrieved from