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The project aims in designing a digital notice board with display on Scrolling LED display using a PC and Zigbee technology. We can implement this technology in schools, colleges, banks etc. After accessing every message it automatically resets and it displays the latest message on LED display. This project consists of an onboard computer, which consists of number of input and output ports. These onboard computers are commonly termed as micro controllers. The input and output port of the controller are interfaced with different input and output modules depending on the requirements. In other words micro controller acts as a communication medium for all the modules involved in the project. In this project we make use of a Zigbee Modem, Micro Controller and a Scrolling LED (6ft x 1ft.) display. User can send the messages to the Zigbee modem that is connected to the Microcontroller based control system. The microcontroller automatically reads the message and displays on Scrolling LED display.

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C.Oviya, M. Thilomathi, Anupama S, Kumar, & Mr.T. Sasikumar. (2021). Wireless scrolling led message display with zigbee communications. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 7(1), 28–32. Retrieved from