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This paper says about the tests conducted to determine the compressive strength of concrete using a bacteria named bacillus subtilis . In this method of experiment , cement of OPC 43 grade , well graded aggregate and along with that 25Mm of CaCl2 , 100 Mm of disodium oxalate and 50 Mm of sodium bicarbonate is added . And also a bacterial culture of bacillus subtilis is added for about 1.5 ml . Three different types of water is prepared for mixing and curing . They include distilled water , water with the above mentioned salts and the other with salts and bacteria . Individual cubes are casted by using different water and checked out for strength . The compressive strength is tested and the strength of concrete cube is tested for different type of mix proportions of water .

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Arvind S, Gandhimathi S, Karthik R, Madhumitha T S, & N.V.Manjunath. (2017). Study on compressive strength of bacterial concrete . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 5(2), 2231–2233. Retrieved from