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The gadget gives built-in workflow of RIDE SHARING SYSTEM. It gives entire spectrum of retrofit options for current administration that reliability of ticket reservation and the environment friendly of organization. This mission mainly developed for digital ticket sharing service. As per the important points of expenditure on transport, buses are the most favored mode of public transport in each rural and city India. In order to serve these many commuters daily, the ticketing amenities on hand in the present gadget of public bus transport is manual, purchasing the ticket from the conductor. Sometimes the tickets are no longer accessible and the hassle with bus offerings is that they are now not reliable. The person can e book the tickets via this internet site and additionally they can take a look at the availability of seats, e book tickets, get the seat routinely thru this internet site and the anticipated ready time. When one passenger cancels the ticket, different waitlist passenger did no longer be aware of about the cancel tickets. So passenger are overlooked the cancel ticket. This carrier used for bus transport. The bus transport quarter which consists of wastage of too lots paper, use of money for buying tickets, etc.Some different frequent issues confronted through commuters in bus transport are undue ready time, insufficient time for getting tickets, non-refund of balances, negligence of presenting seat to different passengers, etc.

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