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As Cloud Computing turns into prevalent, greater and greater touchy statistics are being centralized into the cloud. Although common searchable encryption schemes permit a consumer to securely search over encrypted facts via key phrases and selectively retrieve documents of interest, these strategies help solely specific key-word search. In this paper, for the first time we formalize and clear up the trouble of fantastic fuzzy key-word search over encrypted cloud records while retaining key-word privacy. Fuzzy key-word search extensively enhances machine usability with the aid of returning the matching documents when users’ looking out inputs precisely suit the predefined key phrases or the closest feasible matching documents primarily based on key-word similarity semantics, when genuine in shape fails. In our solution, we take advantage of edit distance to quantify key phrases similarity and increase two superior strategies on establishing fuzzy key-word sets, which attain optimized storage and illustration overheads. We similarly endorse a manufacturer new symbol-based trie-traverse looking scheme, the place a multi-way tree shape is constructed up the usage of symbols converted from the resulted fuzzy key-word sets. Through rigorous safety analysis, we exhibit that our proposed answer is impenetrable and privacy-preserving, whilst efficaciously realizing the aim of fuzzy key-word search. Extensive experimental outcomes display the effectivity of the proposed solution.

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M. Jeevitha, & M.kannan. (2022). A SURVEY PAPER ON DATA STORAGE SECURITY IN CLOUD COMPUTING . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 10(2), 90–96. Retrieved from