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Dams are one of the primary water sources for irrigation, electrical energy technology etc. in India. Dams play a vital role on account that the time of colonialism. Lack of ideal dam management machine have been inflicting countless losses which includes the recent floods. Inspired by using the current rural and socio-economic problems, an modern and viable computerized manage gadget can be developed for dam administration purposes. This paper also proposes a novel notion of amassing and sharing real-time information about water ranges to the humans dwelling close by its bank. Highly unique water stage monitoring gadget and well-timed document to the locality is additionally developed. When the water stage crosses the threshold condition, alert messages will be dispatched to the humans and the shutters will open automatically, preserving water to its normal level. Timely warnings to each character residing in the locality and timely opening of shutters can thereby minimize the dangers of loss of life and stop disasters. Hence, automation of dam gadget using Arduino, ultrasonic sensor, IOT module and motor, creates a new eye for each the Government as properly as the humans in the locality for developing mitigation plans.

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M.Sweetline Sonia, Deepa R, Kavipriya R, Arthi S, & Durga.K. (2022). SMART WATER LEVEL AND LEAKAGE MONITORING AND MANAGEMENT OF DAM SHUTTER USING IOT . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 10(2), 72–79. Retrieved from