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Sewage treatment is an important environmental protect problem. If the drainage system is not maintained properly, the pure water get mixed with drainage water and cause infectious disease. It is very important that underground drainage system should work in a proper manner to keep the city clean, safe and healthy. At present, the toxicity of gases in sewage cannot be monitored. So various kind of work has been done to detect, maintain and manage these underground systems. To create a barrier to this problem, a hardware model is designed to monitor the sewage system. In this paper, it is discussed about the method to measure the water level in sewage continuously using the ultrasonic sensor. The toxicity of CO and methane gases are also sensed to avoid danger for human life.

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Anusuyadevi M. Be, Bhuvaneshwari KN, Mythizhi P, Jayanthaa D, & Mrs.Sandra S. (2021). IOT Based Intelligent Gas Leakage Detector. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 9(2), 170–176. Retrieved from