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In our environment there are many harmful gases. These gases are affecting the asthma and to alert the asthma patient . In this paper sensors are used to detect the harmful gases(ie sulpur dioxide,co2 ,ozone).We intreface the sensor by using controller, if the sensor is above the threshold value, with the help of IOT(internet of things) we alert the person. The sensors enabling that allows the link of individual environmental exposures with physiological and following difficult health response.This system will permit a better understanding of the impact of increased ozone levels and other polluntants on chronic asthma condition. The arduino is used to combine the multiple sensors and also used in both transmitter and receiver. LCD module is used to display the level of the sensors. Mobile App is developed and installed in the android mobile to detect and alert the patient and also their kinships using IOT.

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Kesavan S P, Saritha S, Aravinth K, Gokulnath S, Nisha G, & Gowtham C. (2017). A wireless alert system with gas sensor for pre-alert respiratory diseases. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 5(2), 1361–1366. Retrieved from